We're Not Laughing With These Haunted House Visitors, We're Definitely Laughing AT Them

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Haunted houses suck. There are no two ways about it. Why anybody would subject themselves to such torture is totally beyond our comprehension, but while we're too chicken to go through these attractions, we now have a new appreciation for them, thanks to the Nightmares Fear Factory in Canada, which snaps photos during the most terrifying moments. Check out the various reactions people have in the process of having the s**t scared out of them. 

First of all, who goes to a haunted house by themselves? That's just crazy...

These peeps at least took the "safety in numbers" approach

Huge props to these cheerleaders who even freak out in formation

At least these girls brought their boyfriends. Nothing like the protection of a big, strong man

This guy was totally ready to protect his girl

These two...not so much

The leg lift seemed to be a popular first line of defense

But if all else fails, just run like hell...

(h/t SunnySkyz)


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