Only One Thing Can Bring This Goat Out of His Depression: Watch It Happen and Try Not to Cry

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Before you watch this amazing video, here's a little background. Mr. G (the goat) was rescued from an animal hoarding situation in Southern California. He was brought to an animal sanctuary and you would think he'd be super stoked to be out of the hoarding sitch, right? Wrong.

Mr. G was crushed because hoarded or not, he was BFFs with a burro (a small donkey) named Jellybean back at home. They had been living together for 10 years, only to be torn away from each other and sent to different rescue sanctuaries.

Sure, their living situations were drastically improved, but Mr. G didn't care about being moved to the Beverly Hills of goat stalls, he just wanted his buddy back.

In fact, he was so depressed, he just curled up in the corner and stayed there for SIX days. He didn't eat, he didn't stand up to stretch his little goat legs - nothing. The look in his eyes alone is enough to break any animal lover's heart.

Obviously, something had to be done, so a volunteer from the shelter drove 14 hours to go get Mr. G's friend and what happened when they reunited is nothing short of incredible. Check out the video above to see the moment Mr. G and Jellybean were brought back together.

(h/t Reshareworthy)

Let It Goat!  Goat Version of Disney's 'Let It Go'
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