103rd Story Glass Skydeck Cracks Underneath Tourists

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People who step out onto the skydeck of Chicago's Willis Tower are definitely looking for a thrill. It's basically a glass box, 103 stories above the city and when you step out onto it, you get a pretty awesome view.

It's basically a thrill-seeker's way to sightsee. Given that we wouldn't exactly put ourselves in the "daredevil" category (even this picture kinda freaks us out), we won't be visiting anytime soon.

A family from California who went to the skydeck last week, however, got an even bigger thrill than even they bargained for. When they stepped out onto the ledge, they heard a cracking sound. When they looked down, they saw that the glass had actually cracked beneath their feet.

This, after they were apparently told it was "unbreakable." Not that they were trying, though, because who would?

After the glass broke (it was just the top, protective layer) and they realized they were still standing and alive, they wanted to snap some photos. "When we pulled our phones to start recording and take pictures they asked us to leave right away," one of the visitors told NBC Chicago.

Still, somebody managed to get a picture and...it's pretty intense.

Apparently, all is well with the skydeck again and it's ready for some more visitors, but even the thrill-seekers are hesitant. Can't say we blame them!
Cracks Appear in the Willis Tower Skydeck Ledge
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