Is Kate Middleton Getting a Butt Bodyguard?

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Kate Middleton obviously needs to be guarded with the highest level of security. Not only is she royalty, which would require intense security in and of itself, she's also basically a celebrity in her own right.

The public is obsessed with everything she wears, any new photos they can see of her and that has obviously made her a pretty intense paparazzi target. When a pap snuck topless photos of her sunbathing and they were published, it basically became an international media scandal.

More recently, the Duchess of Cambridge became the victim of another pervy pap, who snapped a shot of her butt when her dress blew up in the wind - and yep, that was published, too.

While you can't control an unfortunate gust of wind or who might be hiding in the bushes with a camera ready to flash in the event that you accidentally do, there are precautionary measures that can be taken, which is exactly what the Palace is reportedly doing.

According to The Mirror, a "female minder" will be employed to accompany Kate on her shopping trips and to help prevent any more over-exposed photos from being taken. Basically, her butt will now have it's own bodyguard.

We can't really say we blame them, we've seen the questionable measures paparazzi have employed to try to get the high-dollar shots and with Kate being such an icon now, she is obviously highly-sought after.

Following the topless photos in 2012, a statement was issued on the couple's behalf, which said, "This is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the paparazzi during Diana's life and the more upsetting to the duke and duchess for being so."

It is worth noting that British tabloids refused to publish photos from either incident. Unfortunately, that still hasn't stopped some over-eager photogs, who can (and do) still sell to outlets in other countries.
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