The Strangest, Most Random Bathrooms of All Time

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Bathrooms are generally a pretty standard situation. There is a toilet, a sink and sometimes a shower or tub. You go in there, you do your business and you don't really think much of it. After seeing these bathrooms, however, we've suddenly realized that the standard four walls and ugly tile floor were terribly underrated. Why? Cause it could always be worse. Check out these crazy toilet closets. 

Oh hey, come on in...I'm just in the bathroom. RIGHT HERE!

A bathroom with a view (hopefully no boaters go by). We're a little confused about the pillows right next to the "shower," but hey, it looks cool

For those with stomach problems - a bathroom that will literally scare the s**t out of you...

Talk about feeling exposed. This bathroom is a creeper's dream

Well, this solves the peeing in the shower/dirty feet dilemma

The toilet? Just head up 'the stairs to nowhere,' you can't miss it...

Whether you need to wash your hands or your whole entire body, you can do it all against one wall

Worst waiting room ever

The clingy girlfriend's favorite arrangement

In case your microwave dinner goes right through you, this kitchen/bathroom combo has got you covered

Hey, at least the drapes match the (shower) curtains...

Hopefully this is just a pool house, but a solid door would have been a much better choice

You can ALMOST reach the mini fridge from the toilet. You literally never need to leave this 5-foot space

Uh, we'll hold it, thanks


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