In Case You Were Wondering Just How Much Farrah Abraham Loves Herself, Here's Your Answer

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Farrah "I'm not a porn star" Abraham had a special surprise for guests at her birthday party over the weekend.

At what had been advertised as the "23rd sexiest birthday bash ever" (which totally left us wondering about the other 22), Farrah gave party-goers a sneak peek of her new book and also a little something extra.

The VIP section of the club featured items from Farrah's sex toy line, including three molds of her very own vagina, as part of the "decor." That's right, while most of us opt for plastic plates or streamers in our favorite color, Farrah decorated with her favorite thing in the whole entire world - her vagina.

Most party-goers would have been a little weirded out by the sex tape star's choice of decor, but Farrah's party pals were not most party-goers. In addition to two porn stars, the party was also attended by a bunch of male strippers from Dallas. Sounds like a pretty classy evening.

Despite the sexual nature of the party and Farrah's lady parts being put on full display, RadarOnline reports that the reality star went home alone after the big bash.

Happy birthday, Farrah...
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