Real or Fake? Guy Supposedly Faints While Prank Is Being Played on Him

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We really, really want this to be real because we totally laughed our a**es off when we watched the video, but the skeptic in us just can't help but wonder...

So, these guys are always playing pranks - on each other, on other people, they're basically professional pranksters. In fact, they're the same guys that brought us the yoga pants prank and a whole slew of other shenanigans that went viral.

That being the case, we're pretty curious as to how this turned out the way it did. In their newest video, "Devil Prank," the fouseyTUBE guys turned the cameras around on one of their own, Yousef.

We won't tell you how it happened (cuz we don't wanna spoil the surprise), but at some point during the prank, Yousef was apparently scared so badly, he fainted and when he woke up, he was crying. Now, how would a professional prankster not always be on guard for that kind of thing?

Also, as one commenter on the Huffington Post's page pointed out, there is the fact that Yousef's hat was facing forward before he fell and is suddenly backwards when he's on the ground. Either the hat dislodged and fell perfectly back(wards) into place when he took a dive, or we're the ones getting pranked.

What do you guys think? Was Yousef pranked...or were the almost 2 million people who have already watched the video?

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