Simon Cowell on Zouis Pot Smoking Video: "I Hope the Fans Stay Loyal"

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Since the One Direction pot smoking video leaked last week (well, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking weed, specifically), we had to wonder if there would be any fallout or a scrambling of damage control to keep the fandom happy.

Turns out, not a lot has gone down – besides reports that Harry's pissed (doubtful), and fans/parents are up in arms (likely) and even a little reaction from Liam Payne, bless his heart.

Now Simon Cowell, who One Direction owe a debt of gratitude to, is speaking out on the matter. Turns out, he's got their back. What else would you expect, really?

Simon told BBC Newsbeat "I can't really comment on that. What I can say, because I've worked with the boys for a long time, [is] they are the hardest working boys I've ever worked with. They still haven't changed, they're really respectful to their fans, they're hard working, a great British export. I hope the fans stay loyal. That's all I can really say."

He also explained that the 1D guys will prevail, noting: "I've worked with a lot of artists, who actually do lose the plot, [who] do lose respect for their fans and forget about who took them there. They've never done that. You know, they really do love their fans so I can only talk about my own personal relationship with them and they have been a joy to work with."

Simon Cowell Hopes Fans 'Stay Loyal' to One Direction

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