Swimsuit Company Recreates Sports Illustrated Poses With Plus-Size Models

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It's that time of year again! Bikini season is officially upon us and if there is one thing that is capable of crushing every woman's spirit, it's the moment she slips into a swimsuit for the first time every summer.

To make matters worse, we are inundated with images of these gorgeous celebrities and models flaunting their impossibly tiny bikini bodies and even the most confident girls can't help but feel a little bit bad about themselves.

Well, this company is trying to redefine the idea of what a woman's beach body should look like and they've done it in the most amazing way. They have actually recreated some of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit poses with plus-size models (aka regular-sized women) and the pics are positively beautiful.

The fact that some of these models can even be called "plus-size" is, in and of itself, a pretty sad statement about the current standards we hold women to. But you know what? Call it whatever you want, the fact of the matter is that what this company is doing is absolutely incredible.

Ladies, please scroll through these photos to see what REAL bodies look like in bikinis.

The Best Plus Size Models
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