Katy Perry Opens Up About Relationships, Sex and the Lack Thereof

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Katy Perry is making history this summer, as Cosmopolitan magazine's first ever global cover girl. The July issue (which was released on June 3) features the pop star being interviewed by comedian Chelsea Handler and in typical Chelsea fashion, nothing was off-limits.

Of course, Chelsea asked the singer about her recent breakup with fellow musician John Mayer and whether or not they'll get back together.

"I know it sounds really hippie-s**t, but I'm living in the now and not fantasizing about the future or [being] torn up about the past," she said. "I'm super Eckhart Tolle. I have a lot of respect for [him] still, and I know it goes both ways. There's no bad blood, but I'm sure there will be inspired songs."

Sorry, girl, Taylor Swift totally beat you to it on the John Mayer breakup song.

Speaking of breakups, Chelsea also asked Katy about her longest dry spell. "Maybe six months or a year," she revealed. "I don't stay single for long."

And Katy definitely isn't the type to use a one-night-stand just to break a dry spell (some people do that, we've heard). "I've never been that way," the singer confessed. "For me, the most important thing about sex is connection."

Well, that wasn't half as scandalous as we were hoping it would be. But, it's still interesting so we'll give that interview a solid B+.
Katy Perry Makes History in Cosmopolitan

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