Kendall Jenner Accidentally Reveals Her One Flaw During TV Interview

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Women of the world, rejoice! Kendall Jenner has cellulite. Wait, are we talking about the same super skinny Kendall Jenner that strutted her stuff on the catwalk for Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week and modeled for French Vogue?! Yep, that's the one...

We'll give you a moment for your silent celebration. Done? Ok, now take a second to apologize to your own thighs for being so hard on them.

Sure, she has to be turned just the right way and a certain amount of pressure has to be applied to reveal the cottage cheese-y surprise, but it's there, it's totally there!

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - June 03, 2014
Don't get the wrong idea, it's not that we're rooting against Kendall or anything, we actually love her. There's just something about seeing someone with the perfect body, perfect life, perfect everything dealing with something so NORMAL that makes us feel like there is an ounce of justice in the world.

The 18-year-old's cellulite made it's TV debut this week on Good Morning America, where she and sister Kylie Jenner were promoting their book, Rebels: City of Indria.

Kendall and Kylie have been pretty busy lately. They just got home from Paris and Italy, where they were bridesmaids in sister Kim Kardashian's wedding, their book was just released and they'll be hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards together on June 15.

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