Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Are Awesome, But Who the Heck Is Ryan Lewis?

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We all love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but it's pretty safe to say that none of us actually know who the heck Ryan Lewis is. His name is just thrown at the end of the Macklemore part and we blindly accept it because whatever, their music is good, and we know who Macklemore is, so who really cares?

Ryan Lewis cares, actually. In this new segment from The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Ryan (who is a DJ and producer, btw) went out on the streets and asked people about Ryan Lewis - and the people had no idea they were actually talking TO the guy they were talking ABOUT.

A lot of times, during these "on the street" segments, the person is in disguise and people are tricked into saying bad stuff about the person interviewing them. In this case, however, Ryan went out as Ryan and people still fell for it. In their defense, we totally would have too.

And at the end of the day, we still don't really get what Ryan Lewis' role is in the whole Macklemore and Ryan Lewis situation, but as one of the people being interviewed put it, it's just a "package deal" and Ryan is a part of it.
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