Sex Sells: Even When It Comes to Your Clunky Old Car

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There is nothing sexy about a 24-year-old car and Angus Dean knows that. So, when he decided he wanted to unload his 1990 Volkswagen Golf, he knew he needed to spice things up a little bit.

Instead of paying the high price for some super sexy eye candy to stand next to his car, he decided to borrow a friend's sex doll. Oh yeah, a "friend" ::wink, wink::: Not surprisingly, the "friend" wants to remain anonymous.

If he did borrow it (her?) from a friend, how would that conversation have even come about? Like 'How about them Dodgers? Oh, and do you happen to have a sex doll that I could borrow for a couple of minutes?'

And then when the friend thought he'd found a fellow sex doll fan and confided in him that yes, he does have one, he was probably totally humiliated to learn that his buddy just wanted to use it for an eBay ad.

So, why did he decide to use a sex doll instead of a real, live woman? No strings attached. "You don't need to feed them or pick them up from the train station and you don't need to pay them any royalties," he told the Daily Mail.

Apparently, he did it with a ride-on lawn mower, too ("it" as in using a sex doll to sell something) and that story had a happy know what? There is just no possibly way to explain this story that won't make your mind nosedive into the gutter.

Good luck selling your car, buddy.
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