Brand New Wheel of Fortune Fail: But Is It the Worst One Ever?

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It feels like Wheel of Fortune has been on for like 800 years, so as you can imagine, the show has had some crazy good puzzle-guessers and...some not so good ones.

Since the good ones aren't as fun to make fun of, we're pleased to bring you this terribly awful guess that happened on the show this week.

Contestant Stephen Dryer totally had this one in the bag. Vanna White had done ALL of the heavy lifting for him, he just had to give it that last little nudge and it would be celebration city...or celebration "clay," as the case may be.

The worst part is that after this guy blew it in the biggest way, he had to have one of those super smart "I know everything" people waiting in line right behind him and we actually got a little bit annoyed for him.

You know that feeling: you get called on in class, you biff it and then Suzie Smarty Pants shoots her hand up in the air so fast, you can actually feel the breeze as it goes flying by your (clearly inferior) head.

That's kinda what happened to Stephen. Still, it could have been worse. While Stephen may be the most recent Wheel of Fortune fail, the guy in the video below totally takes the cake.


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