Kendra Wilkinson's Mom Claims Fame "Changed" Her Daughter

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Moms have a knack for humiliating us and celebrities are obviously not immune, right Lindsay Lohan? In this case, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's mom didn't unintentionally embarrass her. She knew full-well that she was throwing her daughter under the bus and she was more than happy to sit in front of the camera and let it fly.

In this interview with RadarOnline, the former Girls Next Door star's mother says that "Hollywood has crept in" and made Kendra into a totally different person.

"When Kendra was on the Girls Next Door I think that she was down to earth, she was fun, it was all new to her and exciting. That was Kendra...that definitely was Kendra," she explains. "As years go by Hollywood has crept in and I think it has changed her and not for the better and I never thought it would happen."

She also claims that Kendra's hubby, Hank Baskett has put his family first and Kendra's on the back burner. Ironically, she also says that Kendra has surrounded herself with "yes people" and you can't go against Kendra, so either Hank is the exception to the "yes man" rule, or Kendra's totally on board with the Baskett's being numero uno.

We know there has been some tension between Kendra and her mom in the past, but does going on camera and airing your dirty laundry out in front of the whole world really do anybody any favors? We're guessing Kendra's brand new baby won't be having any sleepovers at Grandma W's anytime soon.

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