Fake It 'Til You Make It? New Report Claims Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Is a "Fraud"

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Noooo!! We just can't handle the news that yet another reality star might be pulling the wool over our eyes.

A new report, however, claims that Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo is as fake as her acrylic nails. Ron Tebo, from SciFake.com has done some digging and is coming out swinging against the medium.

Among the many things he accuses her of, Ron claims that Theresa is implementing a variety of tricks to fool her clients. Some of these include asking leading questions, utilizing a technique called cold reading (which picking up on subjects' signals to make educated guesses and abandon incorrect ones) and, perhaps most shocking of all, he suspects that she's having employees run background checks on people who have purchased tickets for events to "guarantee a catch."

"When you purchase a ticket, you provide your full name, address and phone number to the vendor," he claims. "The vendor can share this information with her staff, and then they can investigate the individual audience members. It seems she focuses on the front rows."

Ron also has a video of Theresa (below) leaving the TODAY Show and when a reporter asks her for an impromptu reading, she dodges the request. He says that is further evidence that she is a "fraud."

"Theresa is like a vulture preying on the most vulnerable," Ron tells RadarOnline. Some show attendees have also complained, saying she did a lot of "fishing" and was "off the mark."

Do you guys think Theresa is faking it, or is everyone entitled to make a couple of mistakes?

The 'Long Island Medium's' Most Awkward Reading

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