Students Pull the Most Annoying Senior Prank Ever

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Mariachi bands are awesome, but you wouldn't necessarily want to hear them at 7:30 in the morning, would you? Not so much...

For the principal of a Santa Barbara, CA high school, that's was how he started his morning off, courtesy of the school's seniors. As their senior prank this year, they hired the band to play their hour-long set right behind him, wherever he went.

That's the kind of thing that would be funny for like the first 5 minutes and then it would be pretty annoying. That being the case, they were probably hating themselves around the 6-minute mark when they realized that the band would be blasting in the hallway for the remainder of the hour.

It's definitely one of the more harmless senior pranks we've seen in awhile and instead of the normal routine where the administration gets mad and bans people from graduation and all that fun stuff, this school district actually uploaded the video to their YouTube page.

After watching the video, we kind of feel bad for that principal. About halfway through the 1-minute clip, we decided we'd had enough. We can't even imagine having to deal with that for an entire hour.

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