Want to Work Out Like a BOSS? Watch the President Get His Workout On

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Apparently, the whole "most powerful man in the world" thing is really just a figure of speech, as evidenced by a video that TMZ just posted of President Barack Obama "pumping iron" in a Polish gym.

His workout starts out the same way most of ours do. He's got his earbuds in, he's obviously listening to some hot tracks (some Lil' Wayne, maybe?) and he's ready to make things happen. He even has to rearrange some of the fitness furniture so he can do his thing.

Surprisingly, the rest of his workout isn't much different than any of ours, either. He eyeballs the weight stack, like "should I go for the 85's or nah?" and apparently, the nays had it.

In fact, while the exact number is probably top secret, classified information, it looks to us like he's tossing around a pretty intense pair of 8-pound weights while he lunges across a good 10 feet of gym floor. You got this, Mr. Prez...count 'em out, stick with it!!

We're feelin' the burn already, but Barack isn't done yet. In fact, he's just getting started. Who's ready for shoulder flies? President Obama, that's who. And one, and two, and...don't forget to breathe...

A few step-ups and shoulder presses later, Barack is ready to kill it on cardio. As he swivels and slides on the elliptical machine, he's got a Secret Service guy standing right behind him, who apparently didn't see this person pulling their phone out and pressing "record."

If his status as leader of the free world isn't enough for intimidation, wait until the other heads of state see the results of this serious sweat sesh. President Obama is going to walk into his next big, important world meeting and it'll be like...

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