Graffiti Artist Proposes With 'Beauty and the Beast' Mural

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Beauty and the Beast never, ever, ever gets old. It's one of the cutest, sweetest love stories of all time and we have no shame in admitting that we've probably watched it over 100 times. Yeah, we know that it's a cartoon and all that buzzkill factual stuff that realists like to destroy the magic of Disney movies with, but we love it and that's that.

That being said, we thought it was amazing that this guy decided to use two of our favorite Disney characters to pop the question to his girlfriend in their real, live love story.

Henry Barnes is a graffiti artist and he decided to paint a 50-foot mural to ask his girlfriend to spend the rest of her life with him. The mural took him two days and 30 cans of spray paint to complete, but in the end, it was well-worth it because she said "yes."

"I knew I was going to propose but I didn't want to do anything that was too cliche so I came up with this idea about three weeks ago," he told The Daily Mail. He surprised her by asking her to meet him for a drink after work and when they walked outside, she saw her man's romantic masterpiece.

"I walked around the corner and just saw the piece, it was so unexpected I just burst into tears," she said."Everyone has a favorite Disney film and Beauty and the Beast was mine growing up. Henry knew it was my favorite and that's why he used Belle and the Beast."

Creative, romantic, talented AND thoughtful? Does he cook and love his mom, too?!
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