Why These Parents Are Raising Their 6-Year-Old Daughter as a Son

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Ryland Whittington was born as a "she," but is now being raised as a "he." In a poignant video posted by her parents, they explain why they cut their little girl's hair and began referring to their daughter as a son.

Ryland was born deaf and once she was able to hear and speak, thanks to cochlear implants, one of her first sentences was: "I am a boy." Years later, she hadn't grown out of her tomboy phase, even saying: "When my family dies, I will cut my hair and be a boy."

After much research, her parents came across a startling statistic. Forty one percent of trans people attempt suicide, versus a national average of four percent. They decided then to raise Ryland the way she wanted: as a boy.

They cut her hair and began using male pronouns such as "he" and "him." "He is still healthy, handsome and happy...and this is our amazing son!" the Whittingtons conclude. "Our hope is that our voice will be heard, and this world will become a more loving and accepting place for Ryland and the entire LGBTQ community."

What do you think of their bold decision?


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