Big Hair, Don't Care! Lady Gaga Channels Diana Ross and It Totally Works on Her

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Lady Gaga, who is currently on a break from her ArtRave tour, stepped out in New York City this week looking kind of...normal. Well, '70s normal, anyway. In fact, she looked a lot like Diana Ross.

Of course, where the sequined sweater/shirt/whatever that thing is ends, so does the Diana resemblance. In traditional fashion, Mother Monster opted to leave her pants hanging in the closet at home and accessorized her stems with a pair of fishnets instead. You know what, though? We don't hate it.

For some weird reason, it looks kind of cool. No, we wouldn't go walking around in something like that, but we're not Lady Gaga, either.

She committed to the over-the-top ensemble, she's totally owning it and for some reason, we just can't stop staring at her. It works. We don't know why and we won't question it, but it works.

While Gaga is naturally brunette, she's been blonde for almost as long as she's been a pop star, so either she was feeling really inspired during her last trip to the salon, or this is just another one of her famous wigs. She does seem to be enjoying it, though.

She's posted a couple of pictures on her Instagram page of herself rocking the darker, curly 'do and it's kind of a fun change. We approve.

Lady Gaga Colors Her Hair 'Louis Vuitton' Brown
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