15 Panorama Fails That Will Make Your Head Explode

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The panorama function on the iPhone is awesome if you're trying to take a picture of the beach, the Grand Canyon or some other larger than life landscape that a single photo simply couldn't capture. What it is not meant for, are selfies, pictures of your dog or cat, or really anything other than scenery. Check out the photos below and you'll see why. 

1. We've stared at this for 10 minutes and we're still not OK with it

2. Well, that's a fair statement

3. Excuse me, my eyes are down here

4. This just looks SO wrong

5. Apparently, not all Greek mythology characters are fictional

6. This is straight out of a horror movie

7. At least he had the right idea. Just take yourself out of the scenery and you'd be fine, buddy

8. This guy wouldn't be a whole lot of fun

9. Horse giraffe hybrid. It's a new thing

10. Maybe the headless horseman can ride the bodyless horse

11. This dog either has incredible balance or his owner is incredibly awful at using the panorama function

12. How did his arm even end up behind his head?

13. Mini horse...except that it's not

14. And you thought your roommate's cat was creepy

15. Hey! How'd my sandwich end up all the way over there?


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