Miss Indiana Loses Miss USA Contest, Wins the Internet

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Miss Indiana (aka Mekayla Diehl) was a participant in this year's Miss USA pageant. Unfortunately, she didn't end up winning the competition (Miss Nevada won). In fact, she didn't even break the Top 10, but she did almost break Twitter.

As soon as Mekayla stepped out onto the stage, Twitter totally flipped. Everyone was so thrilled to see a woman out there with some curves.

The crazy thing is that she wouldn't even be considered big, plus-sized or any of those other terms, by NORMAL standards, but in the world of beauty pageants, modeling, etc. "normal" unfortunately takes on a slightly different meaning when you're talking about bodies.

In fact, one Twitter user was quick to point out that the mere fact that she is being called "curvy" is slightly crazy in and of itself. "Miss Indiana is considered curvy? Seriously? Guess the rest of us are fata**es," she wrote.

"Miss Indiana is classified as "thick", but people still can't figure out why 9-year-olds have eating disorders," another pointed out.

We can't disagree with them there, but we do appreciate the fact that someone who isn't stick thin is still up there being celebrated - and maybe this is just the first step to an acceptance of more "normal" body types.

Here are some of the other reactions people shared on Twitter: What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below.
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