Selena Gomez: To Play a Marvel Superhero in New Movie?

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Selena Gomez is finally realizing that she needs to focus on acting, and she apparently wants to kick her career into gear by starring in a massive film franchise.

"Selena wants to take her next step in her career and make it about acting, and she wants to become a superhero either with a DC or Marvel franchise," a source told

"She likes the chance to do this on many levels, the exposure it would bring to her career, the chance to work with amazing ensemble casts, amazing directors would only make her career thrive and she also wants to show that she isn't just another Disney girl, she wants to branch out."

"She wants to do it now because she knows that she isn't getting any younger and there are many other girls knocking on the same doors. So any and all auditions that come forth, she is intending to be on it full throttle," the source continued.

Hmm, that actually sounds like a great idea. We all know Selena's music career is well, um, eh, so her getting back into acting is definitely an awesome step closer to more success. We could so see her being the next Kirsten Dunst or Emma Stone.

Do you think Selena could pull off a big movie franchise? Which one do you think she should play in?

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