Fans Freak Out Over Jenelle Evans' FaceTime Photo

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Jenelle Evans just can't catch a break. The pregnant reality star took a lot of heat when she left her dog Brody with her then mother-in-law, who couldn't afford to care for him and had to find someone to take him in. Eventually, Jenelle's friend Ryan Dolph ended up with the dog.

Jenelle has obviously moved on since then, she just finalized her divorce, she's got a new boyfriend and she's due to give birth any second now.

She's obviously still friends with Ryan and during a recent FaceTime session, Ryan let Jenelle say hi to Brody and she took this screen shot. Almost immediately, fans started freaking out. "That dog looks sad and unhealthy. Why would you post a pic like that?" one person commented. "Dog looks malnutritioned as f**k," another wrote.

A lot of the other attacks were against Jenelle herself, saying that she shouldn't have any pets to begin with (she currently has a cat and another dog).

Some people defended Jenelle, though. One user commented, "It's funny that everyone's saying the dog looks unhealthy and what not, but in case you guys didn't realize, that's not her dog anymore."

In this case, we are actually on Jenelle's side. No, the dog does not look good in that picture, but to be fair, FaceTime is not always clear and it's very hard to judge from one photo. Also, the dog's current owner (which, again, is NOT Jenelle) posted this pic which he claims is from three days ago and Brody looks just fine.

Was the FaceTime shot just a weird angle or are people justified in their concern for the pup?

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