How a Dog Scored a Spot in the School Yearbook

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No, this wasn't a mistake or a prank or anything of the sort. Taxi Benke proudly posed for his yearbook photo this year and he scored a spot right next to his owner on the 7th grade page.

So, how did it happen? Taxi is 7th grade student Rachel Benke's service dog and he's been by her side for four years, which means yes, going to school with her every day. Sorry, buddy, school can be a drag sometimes - but at least you don't have to do homework.

The work Taxi does do, however, is arguably much more valuable than homework. Rachel has suffered from epileptic seizures since birth and Taxi is trained to spring into action whenever he senses one coming, which is exactly what he did one day when Rachel was out on the school track.

"Her aide was holding Taxi on the side and he just started pulling away from the aide as hard as he could trying to get to Rachel," her mom recounts. When they got Rachel inside, she had a grand mal seizure. "I don't know how Taxi knew this but he wouldn't let anyone near her until the paramedics arrived."

Interestingly enough, Taxi was supposed to be a guide dog, but he failed the training because he is a 'cat distraction problem.' Fortunately, he isn't a student distraction problem and he'll be sitting right by Rachel's side when she starts 8th grade next year.

(h/t E! Online)
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