You'll Never See Spider-Man the Same Way Again

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Well, this is awkward. Visitors to the Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea were greeted by this Spider-Man statue, who was a little too excited to see everyone. To make matters worse, he was "hanging out" over a children's playground.

After they received a number of complaints about the statue (hmm..can't imagine why) the center thought long and hard about it before making the decision to bring Spider-Man and his boner off the side of the building.

Apparently, the artist was given the option of modifying the statue, but it just went against his artistic grain because the whole idea was to show that even a superhero was susceptible to the "natural phenomenons" that occur in the morning. Good morning to you, too, Spider-Man....

But...what happened on cold days, then?! That being the case, we can't really get into that whole showing natural bodily functions on fictional characters thing. The last thing we need is for one of our favorite Disney princesses to get her period on the day she finally marries her prince charming.

(h/t Buzzfeed)
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