Bad Omen? Love Locks Bridge in Paris Partially Collapses

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Is this the end of the love locks bridge in Paris? Couples have been visiting the bridge at Le Pont Des Art in the City of Light and attaching padlocks with their names written on them to the metal structure for years. They throw the key into the water and it's supposed to seal their love forever. So, romantic, right?

Well, unfortunately, the bridge just couldn't handle all that love. A section of it collapsed over the weekend and it was immediately evacuated while architects and local officials surveyed the damage.

The collapse was pretty much an "I told you so" for visitors, who were warned about the damage the weight of the locks could cause to the bridge since the practice began back in 2008. But, since people don't always listen, the love locks bridge now has this not-so-romantic wooden plank covering the section that collapsed.

Paris isn't the only place with a love locks bridge. Germany, Russia, Italy and the United States all have similar structures that have been burdened with the weight of visitors' love. Some locks have been cut off, while others (like this section in Paris) had to be removed after they took a dive.

Hopefully the couples last longer than their locks did.
Love Locks Cause Paris Bridge To Collapse


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