How Justin Bieber's "Baby" Saved This Little Boy's Life

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You might think Justin Bieber's hit song "Baby" is the most annoying song ever, but to one boy, it was a life saver. According to a wonderful story posted in New York magazine, Justin's hit song was the only thing to help a sick toddler during troubling times.

Theo, an innocent little 14-month-old boy, was in the middle of dealing with an undiagnosed, debilitating disease that caused frequent seizures and left him lethargic, nauseous and groggy all the time when his family reportedly realized that Justin was the key to his health success. Because of his health issues, Theo wasn't eating. That's when the child's mother realized that she could bribe Theo to eat by playing Bieber's "Baby" video on repeat...something his caregiver told her she realized worked with him for some unknown reason.

The sick child would sing along "bee-bee, bay-bee," and basically demand it be played during any task he had to do. It worked. If they played "Baby" while trying to feed him, he'd eat.

Unfortunately, Justin's song couldn't stop the boy's seizures. Theo was eventually diagnosed with "hyperinsulinism," which is when his pancreas produces too much insulin. Thankfully he was able to receive a simple and life-saving treatment, the drug diazoxide, and it regulated his blood sugar.

Now, Theo's the loud, happy toddler he should be.Unfortunately for the Biebs (and awesome news for his mom), Theo has moved on from "Baby" and now loves Pharrell's "Happy". But let's be real, who knew "Baby" could heal? That's pretty much our definition of swaggy.

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