MySpace Utilizing a Strange Tactic to Lure Old Users Back In

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Remember that old MySpace profile you had when you were younger and just getting used to the whole social media thing? Embarrassing selfies, duck lips, the whole nine...We all stumbled a little bit as we were learning what and what not to post and a big part of that learning curve involved some photos that we thought were cool at the time and would be totally mortified by now.

Well, guess what? MySpace dug up all of those old photos and they're using them to try to lure old users back in. Before you go scrambling to remember your username and password so you can quickly delete them, don't worry, they're not using them as blackmail. Your photos won't be used in ads like that other site has done, but they WILL be showing up in your email.

That means everything from your braces to your old boyfriend could be arriving in your inbox shortly. "It wants you back," a reporter for WOIO explained. "The social networking site that faded into the background in the Twitter and Facebook-dominated world is courting its users now with old photos."

Apparently, they're sending the old photos along with a link to your dusty old profile hoping that will somehow lure you back in. How? We're not exactly sure, but that's what they're doing.

Do you still have your old MySpace profile? Would you ever go back to the social media site?
Myspace Blackmailing Users With Old Photos to Bring Them Back
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