All This Dad Wanted Was to Attend His Son's Graduation

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The AskReddit section has some pretty random stuff sometimes.

We've all jumped in there and thrown out an answer to a question and wondered why we're even wasting our time telling strangers about the strangest encounter we've ever had at a drive-thru or the weirdest thing we've ever come across in a friend's house. Still, we do it, because while we didn't necessarily have the answer to "why," we couldn't really answer "why not," either.

In this case, however, the 6,000 people who answered in this AskReddit thread all had the answer for "why." This was the question...

And one person's answer struck a chord in so many people, they banded together to help his dream come true.

So, what did he want? "I want to see my son graduate from high school," he wrote, explaining that he was barely making ends meet and didn't have the resources to make the 300-mile trip.

After pooling their money, hotel points and everything else they could possibly scrape together to help this guy's dream come true, he got to be there for his son's big day.

"Thanks people! You have turned one s@#$tty week into something really special and heart warming," he wrote in an update. Check out the awesome photos from the visit in the gallery below.

(h/t Huffington Post)
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