If There Was a Canine World Cup, This Adorable Pup Would Totally Win

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Everyone is talking about the World Cup right now, but if you're having some trouble getting into the soccer spirit, here is a little video that might make it a lot easier.

Purin the "super Beagle," is a pup of many talents. She can do handstands, she can skateboard and she can do the traditional dog agility stuff. What we are most interested in, however, are her supreme soccer skills.

In this awesome video uploaded by her owner, Purin takes to the field to show us her stuff. She's very versatile and can play both offense AND defense. In fact, she's better than any of us ever were in our little youth soccer leagues.

We have to say, though, Purin is kind of a showoff. After she blocks a goal, she does a handstand right there in the middle of the field - and walks around on two paws! It's like the dog equivalent of an obnoxious touchdown dance, but somehow slightly less obnoxious. Slightly.

(h/t E! Online)
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