Justin Bieber's Miami DUI Charges Dismissed

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Justin Bieber will be celebrating this weekend. The singer's infamous Miami DUI charges will be DROPPED.

According to TMZ, Bieber will plead guilty to reckless driving, and all those other charges he racked up that night will be dismissed. He'll reportedly pay a fine and have to attend anger management classes...which he could probably benefit from.

Surprisingly, the Biebs will NOT be placed on probation. Bet Lindsay Lohan likes that he got away with that one...There will also be no Bieber anti-drug PSA (darn, we kinda wanted to see that), like the judge wanted at first.

They also wanted Justin to attend a drug/alcohol ed course, but his team did not feel he had a substance abuse problem. Apparently taking courses would be admission that he has issues. In the end, prosecutors settled on the anger management course.

Oh and as for the Biebs' BFF Khalil who was busted that night too, he'll get the same plea without the anger management classes. When the guys complete the requirements of the plea, the reckless driving convictions will be deleted from their records.

Your thoughts on this outcome? Surprised? Chime in.

Justin Bieber Scores Plea Deal in DUI Case

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