Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Graduating High School!

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Congratulations, Lourdes Leon! Madonna's daughter is all grown up and graduating high school.

But just because your mom is famous pop star doesn't mean you're immune from making some fashion fails while growing up. In a blog post on Material World, Lourdes reflects on her fashion regrets.

"Oh how I wish I could back in time and urge my 14 year old self NOT to wear black rhinestone studded t-shirts with bloody skulls on them, purchased from really "hip" stores (wtf is hip anyways)," she blogs. "I like to reassure myself though, that I had to go through that awkward time of 'trying stuff out' to figure out what I liked wearing best."

Awkward outfits aside, the Material Girl designer says she's excited yet nervous about graduating high school just like any other senior. "I was so excited about 'being done with school' and now that I'm actually done I'm like clammy and sweating and nervous because...WHAT?!?! Knowing that I'm going to have to wake myself up for class, and not someone banging vigorously at my door for 5 full minutes, relieves me and worries me a little," she explains.

It's okay, Lola, that's what your iPhone alarm is for...or you could always ask your mom to do wake up calls at your dorm in person. Lourdes is set to start college this fall. Congratulations and good luck!
Lourdes Leon Follows in Her Mother's Steps

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