This Could Be the Most Important Music Video Ever

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This video is impressive in the most ironic way. Yes, it's amazing what can be done with Photoshop, but at what cost?

This music video for "Nouveau Parfum," which has over 3 million views, shows Hungarian singer Boggie being Photoshopped in real time. The question is, which version of Boggie is "better"?

She starts out with no makeup on, her hair is styled pretty plain and she looks really pretty. That is, until you compare that with the post-Photoshopped version.

In just three minutes, her hair color is much richer, her (digital) makeup is picture perfect, her eye color is enhanced, her skin is smoothed out - basically she has had all of the enhancements that we are supposed to think makes someone look "pretty" when she was just fine (no, more than fine) to begin with.

That is obviously the whole message of the video, but in this case, words just can't compete with this powerful three-minute visual that shows what we're really seeing when we open up a magazine and wish we could look like a certain celeb, model, etc.

Clearly, with just a few clicks we all can. But, what's wrong with the original version?

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