29-Year-Old Single Woman Has Collected 10,000 Hello Kitty Toys

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Talk about a cat lady! Meet Natasha Goldsworth, a 29-year-old British woman who has a serious obsession with Hello Kitty.

It all began with a notebook. "The first Hello Kity item I got was the Hello Kitty notebook," she explains. "From that moment on, I just thought, 'I love that cat. I've just got to have more of that cat.'"

More, as in 9,999 more Hello Kitty items, apparently. In the 15 years she's been collecting the popular cartoon cat items, she's amassed a collection of 10,000 Hello Kitty toys, which she spent a whopping $50-84,000 worth of money on. Me-OUCH!

To have such a crazy collection which literally takes up almost her entire apartment, Natasha says she simply cuts back on other things. "I don't spend a lot of money on clothes. I don't spend a lot of money on lots of things girls buy," she says. "I make lots of sacrifices."

And that includes in her love life. "Some men can't cope with it at all. They feel very uncomfortable; they don't know where to sit or to look," Natasha shares. Not that she's worried. "If a man doesn't like my kitty kingdom, then I'm not interested," she reasons.
Avril Lavigne Vs. Hello Kitty

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