New Emojis to Be Added in July: Middle Finger, Fog and Om Symbol Among the New Additions

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We wanted to use an emoji to express JUST how excited we are about this, but we couldn't find the right one, which is exactly the point. There are hundreds of emojis currently available to choose from and somehow, there never seems to be one that shows exactly the emotion you're trying to convey.

Out of frustration, we often just end up combining a whole bunch of emojis and hoping our fellow texter will do the math. There has to be a better way, though, right?

Yep, there is. Well, there will be, anyway.

According to Emojipedia, over 250 new emojis will be added to Unicode 7.0 standard and they've totally got you covered, no matter what you're feeling. Unfortunately, there aren't any previews available yet, but you can see the full list here.

Some of the highlights are:

-A middle finger (woohoo...finally!)

-Fog (we're kind of curious as to how that one is gonna look)

-Om symbol (for when you're feeling a little more zen than the above emoji)

-Slightly frowning and smiling faces (because sometimes you're just not ready to commit to it)

-Motor boat (hopefully they're talking about an ACTUAL boat)

-Diesel locomotive (not sure how often that one will get used, but good to know it'll be there just in case)

Are you guys excited about the new emojis?
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