3-Year-Old Asked to Leave KFC Restaurant Because Her Face "Scared Diners," Now KFC Is Making It Right

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Three-year-old Victoria Wilcher was visiting her Grandfather's home back in April when she was viciously attacked by three pit bulls.

In addition to a broken upper and lower jaw, a broken nose and various other injuries, Victoria lost her right eye and the ability to move the entire right side of her face because of the attack.

She is currently eating out of a feeding tube and has had some reconstructive surgeries, but will have to wait for the others because her body isn't ready yet.

As if all of this isn't tragic enough for the poor child, she suffered a tough emotional blow last week when she visited a Mississippi KFC with her family.

The Facebook page Victoria's Victories shared this sweet photo on Thursday and a heartbreaking account of what had happened at the restaurant:

As one might imagine, the story spread like wildfire and KFC not only launched an investigation into the incident, they are also donating $30,000 toward the little girl's medical bills.

Dick West, an individual franchisee was also touched by the story and offered to have "a big KFC picnic" for Victoria and her family.

"I am sure KFC will make their finding public as soon as the facts are in. In the meantime, I offered to treat Victoria to a picnic because regardless of the outcome of the investigation, she has been thru more than any little girl should and I wanted to give her a special treat," he wrote in a message to the Associated Press.

As unfortunate as the whole situation is, we give huge props to KFC and that individual franchisee for trying to make it right.

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