Dave Chappelle's Reenactment of His First Time Meeting Kanye West Is Classic

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Watching Dave Chappelle describe the first time he met Kanye West made us remember just how much we miss him on TV.

Back when the comedian was killing it with his Chappelle's Show, he booked Kanye for an episode of it. It was the rapper's first TV performance and the first time Dave had ever met him. Still, Kanye made it clear he was destined for the big time.

"You could tell that he was going to be a star," Dave told Jimmy Fallon about their first encounter. "I didn't know him until he did the show. My friend was telling me 'you gotta book this guy Kanye' and I said okay, so I booked the guy, and it was like Muhammad Ali in Olympic Village. He just knew he was gonna get the gold. It was the day that Jay Z's Black Album came out and it was me and Common [Talib] Kweli and Kanye. This guy that nobody knew. The record starts and on one record Jay Z says 'Kanyeezy you're a genius. You did it again.'"

"And [Kanye] stood up. It was the first time he spoke all day and he goes 'stop the record...and rewind that.' And we were like 'who is this guy?' We were all like 'what?' Everyone else was laughing because they knew, but I didn't know him," he continued.

"Afterwards we went to the edit and we watched the sketches...and this is when everyone knew he was going to be a star. We showed him some sketches that no one's ever seen before...and in the middle of it Kanye's phone rings and he goes 'hello...no, no, I can't...because I'm at the edit for the Dave Chapelle Show watching sketches that no one has ever seen before...'cause my life is dope and I do dope s**t' and he hung up."

Well, at least Kanye stayed true to himself.

Dave was on hand to promote his sold-out upcoming stand-up performances at Radio City Music Hall, which kicks off June 22nd and includes musical guests like The Roots, Erykah Badu and Busta Rhymes.

We wish we had a ticket.
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