Dieters, Avert Your Eyes: The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Is Here and It's Perfect

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Goodbye, beach body...hellllooooo Churro Borough! One cutting-edge eatery has combined two of the greatest things on the entire planet and the result is one waistline-destroying chunk of high-calorie heaven.

The concept is as simple as it sounds. A scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two churros. We know what you're thinking: How are the two cinnamon-y sticks gonna hold a scoop of ice cream? And that's where our new hero comes in.

Creator Sylvia Yoo explained how she came up with the product. "Working in pastry, ice cream was always my favorite thing to make and eat. I had dreams of running my own business, but I knew I needed my product to stand out," she told

So, she made flat churros, which were basically just begging for something to be stuck in between them (although if she has any extra churro cookies lying around, we could totally get on board with that, too).

There are currently four ice cream flavors that you can choose from: Horchata, Mexican hot chocolate, vanilla custard and Spanish latte. She also does some seasonal flavors, like orange creamsicle, caramel apple pie, strawberry buttermilk, panna cotta and peach cobbler.

Currently, these delicious treats are only available in Los Angeles, but we REALLY hope Sylvia and her churros are in their lab right now making Pinky and the Brain-style plans to take over the world. We'll be waiting!

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