It's (NOT) Britney, B**ch! Guy Puts Himself in Britney Spears Video and It's Amazing

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Who needs Britney Spears when you've got Gal Volinez?! This guy axed the pop star and put himself into her super sexy "Work B**ch" video.

No, he isn't as sexy as she is (OK, not even close), but neither is 99% of the population, so we won't hold that against him. The point is, the dude's got some serious moves and he's not too bad on the technical side, either.

At first, we weren't feeling the square. We could see parts of his apartment in the background and it just felt really cheap (which it probably was).

Actually, speaking of cheap, Brit's version cost a whopping $6.5 million to make and Gal's probably cost zero dollars and zero cents, but it's not all about the money.

Britney is still the clear favorite, with 111 million views, while Gal is just a hair under half a mil. This is Gal's first Britney remake, though, so he still has time to make a name for himself. In fact, if he's taking suggestions, we'd love to see his version of "Baby One More Time."

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