Killer Clown Prankers Return, Scare the Crap Out of Everyone Again

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Halloween is still four months away, but the infamous "killer clown" is already back wreaking havoc on unsuspecting pedestrians.

This go-round, the creepy looking character pops up everywhere from the street to garages to alleys with a sole mission to scare the crap out of anyone in his vicinity. He lures his victims in with a cute little music box sitting in a graffiti-covered alleyway, a whistle in the night and more. Then, he runs after them with a huge hammer.

The first time the production company DM Pranks pulled this crazy stunt, people actually stopped and stared as the clown stood there and slammed that hammer into what looked like a person lying down.

This time, they stopped and stared again, before running away as fast as they could. And one guy even stopped and looked out into the night when he heard an eerie whistle coming from a field.

Do these people not watch scary movies?! These are all signs to make a run for it.

Pulling off this prank was no easy feat. According to the production company, it took three weeks and over 90 hours of work to complete the video. They also spent "an insane amount of time" waiting for the best victims-all young males.

So creepy.
Creepy Clown Freaks People Out In Scary Prank
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