Wedding Dresses Made of Toilet Paper? The Results Are Surprisingly Beautiful

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We love fashion trends and, yeah, sometimes that includes prom dresses made of duct tape and even these toilet paper wedding dresses. We mean...who dreams this stuff up?

Turns out, actually has a contest for wedding dresses made of toilet paper. But we still haven't gotten to the craziest part of the story – the dresses look amazing.

You'd never even know this was the same material you wipe your butt with. We're picturing toilet paper piled sky high and the words of Tim Gunn ringing in our ears: "Make it work."

And these dresses really work. Susan Brennan won $10,000 for her creation (pictured above), which she called "Romance on a Roll." How she created the detailing in the dress is truly amazing.

If you're sporting one of these TP creations on your big day, a word of caution - just hope it doesn't rain!

Check out all the toilet paper wedding dresses at Cheap Chic Weddings.

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