Here's How You Can Buy Jennifer Lawrence and Drake's Souls for $15 a Pop

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Apparently, if you want to hold on to Jennifer Lawrence's soul, you can do so for 15 bucks.

The Etsy site SoulsRUs is selling mason jars of souls with J.Law, Drake, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and more stars' inner beings up for grabs. If those three celebs don't suit your fancy, you can custom order the soul of any other person-dead or alive.

Be careful with the jars though. Each one has a warning label on the lid that reads, "WARNING: Do not attempt to open this jar. The soul residing in this jar is docile while contained. It will wreak havoc if freed. If soul escapes, contact supernatural authorities immediately."

"You may not know this, but souls are actually quite pretty," The soul seller aka The Happy Reaper wrote in the company's about section. "They shimmer in the light and the glow ever so slightly in the dark. Each one is unique and they all shine in different colors. Each one develops a pink "soul fluff" at the bottom of the jar and nobody really knows why."

"Personally, I think it's for comfort," he or she continued. "I can reap most any soul you want, with no damage done (soul extraction is painless). I place each one in a mason jar and close it tight... No telling what it would do if it were to escape."

The only soul the reaper says it can't get is that of Kanye West, adding, "I'm not trying that again." Other than him though, any customer that sends along a name and the cash will receive that person's soul in a jar.

Of course, these aren't real souls. According to Elite Daily, the insides of the jars are actually just synthetic spider webbing that has been spray painted pink and covered in glitter.
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