Need a Good Cry? Watch This Dog See His Family for the First Time After Sight-Restoring Surgery

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We're not going to deny that we want to hug basically every single dog we've ever seen, but after watching this video, Duffy has now moved to the very top of the "Dogs We Want to Hug" list.

Duffy is an Irish Terrier, who struggles with diabetes. Among other things, the disease caused him to lose his eyesight. Fortunately, his diabetes has now been stabilized with medication and thanks to a recent eye surgery, his vision has been restored.

YouTube user Benjamin May uploaded this video, explaining Duffy's story and the surgery he'd just had. "Here he is seeing my parents afterwards," he wrote.

The description was short and sweet, but thorough enough that we knew we'd need to grab a tissue before clicking the "play" button. If you have the video on mute, one tissue might suffice. MIGHT. If you have the volume up, however, you might need a whole handful.

(h/t Laughing Squid)
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