Karissa and Kristina Shannon Enjoy Burgers on the Beach

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Karissa and Kristina Shannon were once Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, so it's pretty much understood that at one time, they were smokin' hot.

That was a couple of years ago, though. The 24-year-old twins are no longer running around the Playboy mansion, but they were running around a California beach this week and suffice it to say, they've changed...a lot.

Don't get the wrong idea, we're not hating on the way they look now, cause they can both still rock a bikini, it's just um, a little different.

We're not sure why they were stuffing burgers and fries in each other's faces, but they were and the words "blonde, twins and bikinis" will bring out even the most recluse photographers, so there are plenty of pics from their 'Burgers & Beach' day.

The best part is at the end when they learn a very important lesson about bringing food to the beach and leaving it unattended. Every seagull on the entire West Coast was like...

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