Taylor Swift Is Leaving Cool Comments on Her Fan's Instagram Pics

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When your friend tells you that Taylor Swift talked to her on Instagram, don't think she's crazy. Taylor is really doing that these days.

The singer has supposedly been posting cute messages on her fan's Instagram pictures, and it has many wondering if it's really her. The comments ARE coming from her official account and seem like they'd be something she'd say...

Sorry to burst your T-Swift bubble...but we're pretty sure it's her team doing the commenting. Let's be real, how would Taylor have time to do all of that? The girl is ALWAYS busy.

The comments really do sound like Taylor, though. Maybe she is just being a really cool celeb?

"Thank you so much for being at my show! I can't believe you chose me over senior prom!" was one of her replies to a fan's post. "Thanks for spending so much time making that poster!!! And it was so cool that you just called me your hero," was another.

Our favorite one is the hilarious comeback she had for a fan that posted a picture of her grocery shopping. "Thanks so much for this note! And for posting this picture that depicts a moment of intense contemplation for me: which kind of lettuce to buy."

Check out more of Taylor's supposed Instagram messages, here. Do you think it's really her posting them or someone on Team Taylor? Chime in.

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