The Argument Against Having Sex in Cars

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Cars, couples and sex are three things that just can't quit each other. Apparently, these three people couldn't, either, and as a result, they became yet another cautionary tale about why those ingredients just don't ever mix.

At first, it seems like an awesome idea. Cars are like rolling hotel rooms that you can put wherever you want and do whatever you want in them - except that you can't. Anyone who has ever tried to have sexy time in the backseat of a car knows that it's anything but sexy. It's cramped, it's awkward and it gets really hot.

Oh, and there is also the fact that you often have to park in secluded spots and there is the risk of the car rolling away, which is exactly what happened to these three people in China during their threesome.

Everything was going great until someone accidentally released the emergency brake and the car rolled right into a tree. Two of the people managed to escape unharmed (unless you count bruised egos), but the third wasn't so lucky. She ended up with two broken legs and had to be pulled out by an emergency rescue team.

In a "you're going to laugh about this later" moment (either that, or the person is just a complete jerk), someone filmed the whole scene and it's exactly the clusterf**k you imagined it might be. Enjoy.

(h/t Jezebel)

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