Warning: This Crazy Asymmetrical Guy Thong Can't be Unseen (We've Tried)

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Warning: this crazy new fashion trend cannot be unseen. We so wish it could...

Turns out a guy's thong bathing suit isn't revealing enough, so why not go over-the-top and make it asymmetrical to show off even more skin?

If you're wondering what that even means, unfortunately, a visual is necessary to tell the story.

It's kind of like the pouchy thing is just clinging onto the guy's...erm...groin area for dear life, as it only covers half of the body and, well, ew. We really don't think we need to take the description any further than that, do we?

A picture paints a thousand words, but we don't want to look at the picture any more because it's permanently seared into our brains.

Look away before it's too late. It's truly a traumatic experience.

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