Brianna Vance Saved Her Dad's Life With a Facebook Post

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Ten-year-old Brianna Vance is being hailed as a hero after she used a Facebook post to save her dad's life. The girl was at the family's home in West Virginia last week when a storm struck and injured her father and two other men.

Brianna's dad, Gregory, was knocked unconscious when a tree fell, hitting him and both of his friends. Fearing the worst, Brianna tried to call 911 from her cell phone, but there was no service, so the quick-thinking girl reached out on social media.

In an emotional video she posted on her Facebook page, Brianna begged someone with cell phone reception to call 911 for them. "My dad's almost dead, he needs an ambulance please," she pleaded. Fortunately, someone saw the video in time and called for help on their behalf.

The dad was rescued by emergency workers and was treated for five broken ribs and a broken collarbone. The other two men were not seriously injured.

In a much happier message, posted on Father's Day, Brianna told her dad, "I hope you get well soon because you are the best dad I could ever ask for." Sounds like she's the best daughter he could have ever asked for!

Get well soon, Gregory.

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